Epson 100" Whiteboard for Projection and Dry-erase

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The ultimate whiteboard for projection and dry-erase in the classroom.

A combined projection and dry-erase surface, this 100" Whiteboard is the ultimate projection partner for classrooms. Featuring a matte-white, low-gloss surface, this Whiteboard enables high-quality projection with minimal glare or reflection. Ideal for use with widescreen WXGA projectors, it supports projected images up to 100" diagonal (16:10). Plus, it's dust-free and easy to clean with the included cloth. A thin-bezel design allows for above-board mounting of an Epson BrightLink® interactive touch module; or, attach one directly on the magnetic surface. Designed for everyday use, this 100" Whiteboard is the perfect solution for classrooms that need a large, multipurpose projection surface.

  • Suffice in technological learning of large or small groups, as well as for distance learning
  • When projecting a beamer on the board's surface, light reflection barely affects it
  • Delivers a sufficient viewing angle and visual quality that works well in a classroom with an aspect ratio of 16:10