Canon MG-101 Inkjet Print Photo Paper

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Showcase your favourite photos at home by simply printing on magnetic photo paper - part of the creative range of print media offered by Canon. Compatible with the latest cutting-edge range of Canon printers, magnetic photo paper gives you the opportunity to transform images into lively, 3D projects that stick to any magnetic surface in your home or office. Personalise spaces, decorate the fridge with curated photos, or instantly build educational games and visual lists.


  • Discover a creative new way to showcase your best photos by printing on media that sticks easily to any magnetic surface in your home or office
  • Enjoy unlimited opportunities to restick, relocate and reorganise, giving you total control of how and where your magnetic photos are displayed
  • Adapt magnetic paper into educational games for children. Create picture puzzles, alphabet charts or number series to support an interactive home learning environment
  • Organise kitchen supplies by printing magnetic menus or shopping lists to stick on the fridge
  • Design personalised magnets as cute keepsakes for friends or family members
  • Sharpen productivity in your home office and bring big ideas to life with magnetic photo paper. Create mood boards and visualise complex projects without worrying about damaging surfaces

  • Get outstanding photographic prints with photo paper
  • Inkjet printer produces quality images by propelling droplets of ink onto paper
  • Add some glossy effect with glossy surface