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Abandoned Cable Removal

Often the removal of the abandoned cable is performed during the demolition phase of construction. However, it is important to make sure that all the cables to be removed are truly abandoned and are not still being used in adjacent office spaces. The removal of abandoned cable in a working office environment is often a very tedious and labor-intensive process. Mini-Micro can provide on-site identification and removal of abandoned communications cabling, hardware and equipment and will work closely with you to identify a proper implementation plan to minimize the impact on daily business operations.


Cable Installation

Mini-Micro has invested in skilled work force, tools and equipment to handle any kind of cable installations. Even if you need urgent cabling assistance, we are willing to go out of the way to have you covered; nonetheless, you may need to call our support staff for more. We also ensure proper workmanship. It obvious that all wires must be well masked and the right conduits used, nonetheless, we, try to go further to ensure this is done professionally and neatly. Installation of cables demand having the right quality tapes with the correct color that blends well with the cable and the wall itself. We also inspect the walls to ensure everything is sealed perfectly.